You have found a pet of another kind? Here is what you should do:

Please have the animal checked whether it has got a microchip. Readers are available at veterinarians, at animal shelters or at police stations.


The pet has got a microchip

The microchip number will be read off with a special reader; with this number ANIS will then be able to identify the animal and its holder.


The pet hasn't got a microchip

Please announce the animal to the cantonal authority in charge (cantonal authorities) and inform the local authority in charge. You may also make an entry on the following sites: www.tier-gefunden.ch and/or www.stmz.ch (Schweizerische Tiermeldezentrale)


Having found a pet you are legally obliged to announce this animal to the cantonal authority in charge.

In case the animal can be brought back to the holder thanks to the microchip or the tattoo, the announcement is not necessary.